In Singapore, with the brutally hot and humid weather, air-conditioning becomes a part of the everyday life for many of us, Singaporeans. As the weather changes from the supposedly “cool air” of December, air-conditioning will be further used more often in the coming months.

*Straits Times – JUN 29, 2018

The straits times recently reported that the electricity tariffs has increase over 6.9% from the increase of 22.15 cents to 23.65 cents per kwh as stated by straits times, it would mean slightly more expensive electricity bill depending on the daily usage. It has previously also stated that a survey conducted in 2017 by NEA of 550 households found that air-conditioners were largely to blame, accounting for about 24 per cent of the consumption of a typical home.

As consumers, we are only given a couple of choices on how we can save on our electricity consumption which is either reduce on how we normally use our electronics on a daily basis or opt to purchase energy efficient electronics which in-return, helps us save in the long run. Like many others, I simply choose the later since it doesn’t compromise my lifestyle while helping me save in the long run.

As we all know, with all electronics, most tend to wear and tear after a period of usage which results in the drip in performance. This brings us to our point of why we need to have regular maintenance of our air-conditioning.

Optimal Performance Save Cost

As with above, with all wears and tears, all air-conditioning will at some of point of it’s lifespan require servicing. Having regular maintenance helps ensure that wear and tear parts of promptly replaced ensuring optimal performance of your air-conditioning while at the same time, save cost in the long run.

Cleaner & Cooler Air For Your Family

With a prolong usage over an extended period, dust and dirt accumulates both on the coil and the filters. A regular serviced air-conditioning can ensure home owners that their air-conditioning is blowing cleaner and cooler air.


We understand that many of home owners in Singapore have a hectic lifestyle making it hard for many us to do regular maintenance to our air-conditioning. On top of that, some air-conditioning are installed in hard to reach areas and not having the proper tools and equipment makes it extreme difficult to access certain areas.

At Chan Brothers Air-Conditioning, we provide contract aircon servicing to our customers on a regular basis. Our in-house customer service staff will notify our customers that their aircon requires maintenance once every 3-4 months acting as a reminder.

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