Contract Aircon Servicing / Aircon Maintenance Contract

Why Use Contract Aircon Servicing / Aircon Maintenance Contract?

Contract Aircon Servicing / Aircon Maintenance Contract is an important part of your aircon servicing problem. With many home owners in Singapore having more than 1 aircon unit, it becomes essential but tedious to constantly clean and maintain the entire system in their household. At Chan Brothers Air Conditioning, we will assist you in this area.

Apart from the regular cleaning and washing of your aircon system, our aircon technicians will go the extra mile by checking for any potential problems that may arise to ensure that you have a peace of mind when using your aircon.

Our Scope Of Work

Clean & Check Air Filter & CoverCheck Bio-pure / Deodorizing Filer
Clean & Check Indoor Cooling CoilFlush Drainage System
Brush & Check Condenser CoilCheck Compressor Suction And Discharge Pressure
Check and Lubricate Motor Bearing (If Necessary)

*Chemical Aircon Servicing Is Not Included
*Our Service Warranty for contract customers covers 1 years of aircon servicing warranty which offers extensive coverage

What Type Of Aircon Can Use Contract Aircon Servicing ?

For our contract aircon servicing / maintenance contract, it is suitable for all types of aircon. This service serves to ensure that every quarter, we will send our professional aircon servicing technicians down to your place to conduct and thorough inspection and servicing to ensure the aircon system is running at it’s optimal level. It is most necessary for both residential and commercials aircon users.

Our Contract Aircon Servicing / Aircon Maintenance Contract Price

No. of aircon unitsTri-yearly (3x)Quarterly (4X)Warranty
1 fan coil units c/w condenser*365 days on water leakage during contract period (1 year)
*Free transport and inspection throughout contract period
2 fan coil units c/w condenser150 nett188 nett
3 fan coil units c/w condenser190 nett216 nett
4 fan coil units c/w condenser230 nett288 nett
5 fan coil units c/w condenser280 nett340 nett
6 fan coil units c/w condenser326 nett396 nett

Aircon Servicing Review

Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee
09:53 06 Aug 18
I seldom engage aircon servicing companies so I did some researched on google. I ask a few companies for quotation for comparison and eventually decided on Chan Brothers as their service attitude and professionalism makes me more comfortable. Their price was not the cheapest but reasonable. Service standards is good! So i nv regret choosing them.
Krystin Bernardez
Krystin Bernardez
07:47 04 Aug 18
Very reliable and reasonably flexible. Quality job. Thank you!
Kara Ali
Kara Ali
09:19 06 Aug 18
Great service. Always friendly and efficient
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